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Sparx Systems training

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4 days


About Course

Get started with the Model Based System Engineering, by exploring the concepts and techniques of SysML to design complex, real-time systems.


This course comes under Enterprise Architect SysML Training and it is specifically designed for systems engineers who are new to SysML. Practitioners are taught how to undertake complex system engineering projects using the standardized, universally accepted SysML notations in Enterprise Architect Software.

The course is suitable for all members of a system development team, who are intending to start using SysML to design complex systems of system. The course imparts model-based system engineering practices and articulate the benefits of adhering to SysML in Enterprise Architect.

The course is a combination of practical and theory sessions. Each module is accompanied with practical, hands-on session in Enterprise Architect Software to allow practitioners to apply the theory and become proficient using Enterprise Architect.

Practitioners without licensed Enterprise Architect Software version, can download and make use of our Sparx trial version, from our official website.


  • No prior understanding of SysML concepts is required
  • No prior Enterprise Architect experience is required.
  • Basic understanding of System Engineering will be helpful

Additional Content

  • SysML Overview
  • SysML Requirements
  • Requirements Management and Elicitation
  • Use Cases Analysis
  • Use Case Scenarios
  • Block Definition Diagrams
  • Internal Block Definition Diagrams
  • Parametric Diagrams
  • Activity Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • State Machines

Target Audience

Enterprise Architect SysML Training equally benefits

  • Systems Engineers
  • IT Architects
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • QA Professionals

Related Service: Sparx Systems India could also afford wide range of short-term and long-term consultancy services and advisory services on completion of our training based on the requirement.