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Enterprise Architect Consulting

Sparx Systems India offers short-term and long-term consultancy services and advisory services to help teams accomplish the business change.

Consultation Sparx Systems Inida

Model Driven Development

  • Consulting services from Sparx Systems India can help firms expedite the adoption process and get the developers quickly on speed to work on MDD and MDA.
  • Good understanding of pain points involved in paradigm shift from conventional development to Model driven Architecture and Development
  • Assist teams to overcome the hurdles in adoption.

Development Practices

  • Unique in its ability to create custom profiles for development practices and implement it across multiple projects
  • Hands-on experience in employing the appropriate level of rigor required to implement Model Driven Development practices.
  • Strong expertise in using Model Driven Development in both Waterfall and Agile software development methodologies
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Modeling Standards

  • Sparx Systems India team has strong expertise in modeling standards like UML, BPMN, SysML and architectural frameworks like Zachman framework, TOGAF framework and much more.
  • Sparx Systems India offers short term or long term consultation and support on delivering projects based on modeling standards or architectural frameworks.




Application Portfolio management

Computer-aided software engineering

Architectural Transformation

Sparx Systems India’s expertise in Architectural transformation can help firms

Create architectural models for complex system-of-systems, which may include    hardware, software, data, personnel and organizations.

Define consistent, accurate architectures with clear separation of concerns to describe services, systems, operations, strategies and capabilities.

Analyze, specify, design, and verify system models using appropriate levels of abstraction.

Employ a rigorous, standards based approach to define and exchange architecture information using UML, XMI and related standards.

Technology Architecture definition involves identifying.

Technology Components

Deployment locations and configurations

Relate to applications and map to actual business requirements.

Foster re-usability.

Model the hardware and software infrastructure to visualize the contents of environment and logical communications.