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Introduction of Prolaborate

Introduction to Sparx Systems Prolaborate

Prolaborate is part of the Sparx Systems Product Suite and is the sharing and collaboration platform for Enterprise Architect. Prolaborate allows modellers to curate, simplify and share model content to non-modeling, non-technical stakeholders to foster collaboration, feedback and reviews.

Sparx Systems Prolaborate Engage & Inform Everyone

A high level tour of Sparx Systems latest product release, Prolaborate.

4 Ways to Communicate with Business Stakeholders using Prolaborate

Transparency at the organization level is critical when it comes to modeling Enterprises and Systems.

6 Steps to Socialize Enterprise Architect Models

Using your enterprise model as the basis, Sparx Systems Prolaborate facilitates seamless engagement and collaboration with your non-modeling community.

Tools for Enterprise Architect featuring Prolaborate

Explore the significant advancements in Enterprise Architecture views in Prolaborate. This video introduces new features and enhanced capabilities of Prolaborate that facilitate improved decision making.