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Cloud SaaS Services are faster, stable, secure and easy to use. It can save your company a lot of up front and on-going IT and support costs. This is generally the best option for companies which want to get started as soon as possible without the hassle of setting up the right infrastructure pulling in resources from across the organization.

We will be hosting everything that is required to use Enterprise Architect on your machines and access Prolaborate using your browsers i.e., Sparx Systems Prolaborate, Enterprise Architect (EA) repositories, Pro Cloud Server, and Floating License Server using Amazon Web Services and Azure, the world leaders in Cloud Computing Services. So, you need not worry about the security, uptime and reliability.

This is suitable for organizations which are getting started with Enterprise Architect modeling and would want to share them in the best way possible and encourage collaboration with in the Organization.


Responsibility Matrix


Pro Cloud Server

Floating License Server

SSL Certificates – Secured Access to Repositories and License Server

Enterprise Architect Repositories

Enterprise Architect Thick Client Software

What do we do?

Setup, Configuration, Maintenance, and Upgrades

Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance

Setup and Maintenance

Setup, Configuration, Backups, and Maintenance

Setup, Configuration, and Maintenance

What do you do?

Just sit back and relax!

Just sit back and relax!

Just sit back and relax!

Just sit back and relax!

Just sit back and relax!

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Cloud FAQs

What are "Licensed Users"?

"Licensed Users" denote the total number of users you can add to Prolaborate; Only the users who are added to Prolaborate can participate in reviews, discussions, edit information, create dynamic visualizations, analyze information, and work on all the features of Prolaborate.

Are the licenses floating or named?

The licenses are named licenses. But, the current users can be easily removed and new users can be added to Prolaborate.

Is there any relation between EA and Prolaborate licenses?

No, Prolaborate licenses are different from your Enterprise Architect licenses; there's no relation between them.

What are the limitations of Growing Teams edition?

You will not be able to provide unlimited read-only access (Open Community Acces), Integrate with Confluence, Jira, Azure DevOps, etc. (Integrations), or enable Single Sign-On (SSO). These add-ons can be purchased seperately.

What is the price of the add-ons?

Each add-on can be availed at a fixed price of $1400 per year.


Are there any prerequisites to purchase the add-ons?

Yes. You need to buy at least 10 licenses of Prolaborate to purchase any of the add-ons