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Tag: New features in EA 16

Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect 16

Auto Name and Counters using Stereotypes in Enterprise Architect 16

  •  Dealing with complex and large sets of requirements can be a tedious process. Sparx Enterprise Architect allows you to set up your own naming and numbering conventions for elements of the same type which ease the process.
  • Auto Names and Counters can be used to assign a sequential number to element types & stereotypes.

What’s New in Auto Name and Counters in Enterprise Architect 16?

  • Auto-naming has been expanded to target specific element types as well as stereotypes.
  • Distinguish between elements based on both element type and stereotype.

How do we use it in EA 16?

1.In Enterprise Architect 16, find Auto Names and Counter in Ribbon: Settings > Reference Data > Settings > Auto Names and Counters.

Enterprise Architect Version 16 Pictures

2. New Feature – Stereotype is included in Auto Names and Counters in Sparx Enterprise Architect 16

Sterotype is included in autonames and counters


3.Select the Type as “Requirement” (Element type) or the type you need.


4.By selecting Stereotype – Configure Perspectives as All and Profile as EAREQ. Check the Business requirements and select OK.


Autonaming using stereotype


Stereotype as requirements


5.Now, enter the Prefix as BUSREQ and Counter as 001 in Alias Section and check the Apply on creation Save & Option

Auto Name Counters

6.Enable the option to show Alias and Name in the diagram

a.Check the “Use Alias if Available” option in diagram properties.

b.In Preferences > Behaviour enable both Alias and Name in the Alias Usage section.

Alias & Images Part 2

7.Now, create a Business Requirement from the Requirements toolbox.

Create a Business Requirement.


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